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Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)

A Licensed Graduate Social Worker is a higher-status license offered by some states to indicate that the professional holds a Master's degree in social work, and has completed 2000-3000 hours of supervised work experience. States license Social Workers within a multi-tiered system to reflect differences in education, training and work experience.

A lower-level social worker would likely hold the title of Bachelor Social Worker or Licensed Social Work Associate.

Similar high-level licenses used in other states include: Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Certified Social Worker, Certified Master Social Worker, Master Social Worker, Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, and Licensed Advanced Social Worker.

Licensed Graduate Social Workers help clients deal with daily life issues, or they work in an advocacy role for clients in social services organizations or charities. While Professional Counselors help clients by focusing on understanding and managing internal motivations, Social Workers tend to work more from an environmental or society-oriented perspective.

In addition to regular social work, a Licensed Graduate Social Worker would likely perform training and supervision duties with lower-level licensees.